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the wellbody way.

 Looking to pivot lifestyle and food choices towards more holistic, health supportive, and sustainable practices? We have solutions to help improve your relationship with food and cultivate lasting change to your physical and mental wellbeing. 

Meet Jess

Jessica Featherson

Founder|Lead Culinary Artist

Hi I'm Jess! I'm a home cook turned Culinary Artist and a certified Integrative Nutrition (IIN) Health Coach. WellBody Kitchen (WBK) was birthed from my own journey of discovery with intuitive eating, exploring the health supportive food, and ultimately transforming my relationship with food and myself. I firmly believe that food is a powerful offering of love and care that we can intentionally practice in ourselves and extend that same love and care to others. Through meal prep, juice cleanses, and mindful culinary experiences, I am here to assist you with making lasting change to your relationship with food.


I come with over 7 years experience in the fitness and wellness industry which has given me a vast understanding on practical and sustainable solutions to maintaining a healthy and mindful lifestyle. Additionally, I have had the pleasure of working in some of the top restaurants in New York City and Washington, DC including The Modern, The Dabney, and Malibu Farm. I am inspired by global cuisine which reflects in our diverse food offerings. In the tradition of my elders and ancestors my food is cooked with love and from the soul. I love to honor my lineage by including African diasporic culinary traditions in our menu offerings as well.



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