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Jessica Featherson

Founder|Lead Culinary Artist| IIN Health Coach

WellBody Kitchen values cooking not only as an art form but as an act of love and care. We are committed to inspiring and helping individuals cultivate a transformative, intuitive, and health conscious relationship with food. Find out more about our offerings and ways you can work with us below.

Our Offerings

We are always open to partnerships and collaborations that align with our mission of providing elevated and delicious health supportive food and impactful events that educate and  empower individuals and communities towards more healthy and sustainable practices. 


Book us For Your Next Event

Catering (Drop Off, Casual, and Full Service)

Private Chef Services

Customized Culinary Experience 

Interactive Workshops + Cooking Demonstrations

Youth Residencies 

Community + Corporate Partnerships


Speaking Engagements

Available for informative discussion and panel moderation around the following topics:

Integrative Nutrition: How

Food as an intentional act of Love & Care

Cultivating a Healthy & Informed Relationship with Food

Flexitarian Lifestyle + Transitioning to Plant-Based

Let Food Be Thy Medicine: The healing, cleansing, nourishing, and regenerative power of living Whole Foods 

Food Justice 

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